Luxury Collection



When you make a reservation with us we specifically hold the exact luxury exotic car you desire for your desired timeframe.  Beware of other companies that claim they are reserving your requested car but stand you up last minute because they never had it to begin with.  We own all of our vehicles unlike most of our competition who are just brokering other people's cars. 



Reservations can be made upon any availability of a specific luxury car.  There is no particular timeline in which you must reserve a car but they do rent often so it is best to book at least a week out.



Reservations can be simply done by


- Calling or texting us at 214.699.9764

- Email us at sales@theboss.com

- Using the Reservation form below.


We strive to accomodate your specific needs in order to make your exotic and luxury car rental experience a most pleasurable one.

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Vehicles are available to drivers over the age of 18 with valid driver license and full coverage insurance.



Delivery and pickup is free in downtown Dallas.  If outside of downtown then the fee is $150 each way.  



All exotic rentals come with 80 miles per 24 hours.  If choosing a 6 or 12 hour rental the mileage is prorated.  All additional mileage starts at $5/mile and the exact price depends on the model of the rental.  Inquire for  more info or pricing on the model you are interested in.



All exotic and luxury rentals  are priced by a 6, 12 or 24 hour period.  Additional time is prorated.  



Additional drivers may be added to the rental as long as they have  insurance or are listed as a driver on your policy.



Ask us about our weekly specials!  We will match all competitor's rates on exact exotic cars.  We also give multi days discounts. With a 2 day rental you get 10 percent off and 3 day rental you get 15 percent off!  We offer the highest level of service and inventory of exotic rental cars in Texas.



A security deposit is required on all rented vehicles.  Security deposits range from $1k - $5k and are fully refundable once the vehicle is returned in the same condition it was in at the time of pickup. 



Pament may be made by card, cash, ACH, Bitcoin or wire payment



You do not need special insurance to rent our cars as your own  current personal is all that is needed.  No matter what car you have on your policy your insurance will cover you driving our car.  All renters must have verifiable full coverage comp and collision auto insurance with a minimum of $100k liability property damage and unisured property damage coverage .  Some cars require higher limits of $500k but don't worry the  cost is usually less than $1   per day and the process is easy..  Most customers with full coverage come with a policy coverage of  $30k but all it takes is a simple phone call to your insurance agent to change your limits for the duration of your rental. 



All  reservations are final and  can't be cancelled.  This is due to potential loss of rental we incurr for cancellations.   If you send a payment or sign an agreement you are agreeing to  our terms.



NFT rentals are only $100/day.  You may keep the car for up to a week at a time and can rent it as often as you want.  The deposit for an NFT rental is double the normal rental deposits due to the fact you are only paying $100/day and have no restriction on how many miles you can put on the car.  Pricing for mileage on the NFT starts at $5/mile and the exact price depends on the model of the rental.





Are you on the verge  of closing that big deal with a client and need to make an impression to give you an edge?  Well renting a Rolls Royce or Lamborghini will accomplish that task.  Exotic cars are a symbol of status and prestige and therefore making an impression is important in business.  Let your exotic rental be a business investment for you that pays off many times over.



After you get behind the wheel, you will want to explore the city.   Whether you are visiting from out of town and wanting to tour the city or  maybe you live in the Dallas area and are just looking for a cool ride to take out on a date or an event we have an exotic car that will fit your desires.   Lucky for you, we know the best spots to show off your exotic rental. Let us steer you towards the trendiest clubs, best eateries and hottest destinations in town. If you prefer, we can direct you to the best routes to take your vehicle on a joy ride. Either way, we will work with you to get the most out of your visit.  Dallas is a very trendy and modern city and cruising in an exotic car will earn you respect and recognition everywhere you go.  When celebrities visit Dallas they rent from us.  Our clients expect the best, so they trust BOSS Luxury Collection. We feature a large, privately-owned collection of high-end exotic vehicles. In addition to our fantastic cars, our commitment to customer service sets us apart from the competition.  Every vehicle in our fleet comes from a luxury brand such as McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and more. We have cars to match your style. You can enjoy a comfortable, luxurious ride in a Rolls Royce Wraith. Or feel the breeze in a convertible Lamborghini Huracan EVO. Whatever you need, we can hook you up with the perfect ride. Turn heads around town or enjoy the freedom of the open road. Either way, we have a vehicle for you.  Whether you are venturing out for one of Dallas's many fine dining restaurants or bar hopping around uptown you  will find that doing it in style is much more fun!



Maybe you are you interested in one day buying a luxury car? If so, you might not be sure which one to get. You can get the information you need to make a sound decision by renting a luxury car.  You might want to rent one or more over a couple of weekends. By so doing, you’ll have the chance to check out different models.  You could go to a luxury car dealer and go for a test drive, but renting a car for a few days will give you a lot more time to drive it around and check it out.


With the explosion of self promotion and social media exposure, marketing yourself is big business.  You need a company you can rely on to exploit this industry and have your image and self brand be associated with luxury and style and that can only be done with an exotic or luxury car.  and These dreams can be a reality without the hefty price tag associated with the quality and prestige of a luxury car.  Luxury car rental services offer a cost effective solution for people who aim to impress without breaking the bank. If you have a bucket list that includes driving something exotic, renting a car from us  will allow you to check that item off of the list.   If you’re looking for that taste of the lavish lifestyle, our luxury rental services are also able to provide chauffeurs for busy people on the go.  Unlike other rental services, we offer so much more than just our luxury cars. You already know about out second-to-none fleet of exotic vehicles. However, if you need a photgrapher or videographer we can provide you with those as well.  We can even arrange a fully customized photo/video package so you can showcase your experience to your followers. What other rental service can offer that? Let people know you choose BOSS Luxury Collection because you do not settle for anything but the best. 


Have you ever dreamed of driving a Lamborghini away from your wedding reception and off to your honeymoon? Weddings are a lifetime event and you want to make a memory thats is an unforgettable one.   The drive off is the grand finale of the big day so give your friends and family something to talk about by getting one Rolls Royce or a convertible Lamborghini.     


Need the icing on the cake to make that million dollar open house  really stand out?  Renting an exotic car will increase your showing excitement and also marketing campaign  interests and likes.  In the real estate game you have to stand out above and beyond the rest and an exotic car parked out front to impress clients and potential prospects will do just that.




Although showing up to a big event in a Lamborghini makes all of your friends jealous, you should  abstain from letting anyone other than yourself drive the car. Even in the best of circumstances, accidents can happen and you don’t want to pay a premium on the insurance if it turns out you weren’t the one driving the car. Luxury cars also have incredible engines and can gain speed more quickly than people might expect, leading to incredibly dangerous situations. Help keep yourself and your cars’ admirers safe by making sure you’re the only driver throughout the duration of the rental. 



Exotic cars often come with exotic features, such as self-driving capabilities, advanced steering controls, and voice commands. Make sure to  do your research  before deciding which car to rent to avoid any confusion or hassle during your driving experience. The last thing you want is to get in the car and realize you have no idea how to turn it on. An easy way to avoid any of these blunders is to ask your rental company for an on-site walk-through of the vehicle before you rent it. They can show you all the important features you need to know so you can handle your car with ease. 


If you’re looking for an unforgettable driving experience, look no further than BOSS Luxury Collection. Our diverse line of luxury car rentals can help you feel like a million bucks without paying a million bucks.  We offer exotic car rental services to all cities surrounding the Dallas Fort Worth area and can even ship the car to you for a low cost if you live outside the Dallas area.    When you rent with BOSS Luxury Collection, you can have peace of mind knowing we are the top destination for exotic rentals in Dallas. Unlike our competitors, we do not loan or borrow cars.  We own our entire fleet, so the car you see pictured is the same car you rent. No other agency in Texas can make that promise. Contact us for luxurious cars and exceptional service. Our high-end sports vehicles with help you leave your mark on Dallas. When you rent with us, you get more than the keys to a luxury car. You get the keys to the city with our 24/7 concierge service. Make an impression and see why we are the largest exotic car rental company in Texas!