Luxury Collection





If you have an exotic sports or luxury car  and want to make money while you aren’t using it, look no further.   BOSS Luxury Collection's new vendor partner program gives exotic owners an opportunity to offset high costs of ownership.   We are willing to split our revenue with you 50 percent.  Your car will be cared for as if it were our own.  Best of all, you do not have to leave your car with us!  You keep your car in your garage until we have a renter.  At that time we will have a valet driver come to your residence or destination of choice and pick it up .  We will document and record a slow 4k high def walk around of your car to note its condition and mileage.  Your car will be insured from the time of pickup until it is brought back to you.  We have had several successful partnerships since we started this program with lots of happy Lamborghini, Ferrari, and McClaren owners that love having extra income with no work involved. Essentially, your exotic could even pay for itself!  Our team takes the utmost care and responsibility of your vehicle and has a variety of assurances to put your worries to rest.