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Financing & Leasing

Finance options


To get approved for financing all you need to do is give your local credit union or bank of choice the VIN of the car which can be found in the Carfax at the bottom of each listing.  If you don't have a bank you are currently working with there are several options we suggest below.   


Easy Lending

Lightstream.com will approve anyone with a 600 + credit score for an unsecured personal loan up to $100k.  You can then use that money to pay for one of our cars.


Buyers with Military affiliation

Customer's in the military or that have family members that serve go with USAA, Navy Federal Credit Union or Pentagon Federal Credit Union   We work with both banks very frequently, both offer very competitive rates.  You will find the contact information for both of the banks below.


USAA - 1.800.531.8722

Navy Federal Credit Union - 1.888.842.6328

Pentagon Federal Credit Union - 1.800.247.5626


Lease w option to buy no credit check

We offer a lease program with an option to buy.  Why lease to own?  There are many advantages of leasing  such as:


- No credit check

- No reporting to credit agencies which will keep your score high and debt-to-income ratio low.  Also will not show as debt

- Fully tax deductible through your business unlike buying a car which is only tax deductible through depreciation.

- Not tied to high-end car payments for years

- Buyout option available

- Car is shielded from debt collectors or judgments

- Won't show as an asset in a potential divorce

- Assistance through us with car repairs and discounts on parts

- No finance charges


The only requirements that you need to qualify are to have a driver's license, be able to put down an initial deposit of 35 percent, and also be able to get full coverage insurance on the car.  Give us a call to inquire about our amazing offer!


Third party leasing companies for customers with 700+ credit


- Amazon Leasing


- Premiere Financial Services


- DM Auto Leasing


- Luxury Lease Partners